Who Is Nutrition Revolution For?
Men and women who WANT to exude confidence because they believe in themselves * Men and women who WANT to look sharp and command respect from others because they clearly respect themselves * Men and women who WANT to never let anyone see them "sweat" because they are in complete control * Men and women who WANT to live with real passion - seizing every day and every opportunity to experience life.... to really live life to its fullest * Men and women of courage who don't let fear of failure stop them from trying, and from pulling forth the effort to be the best they can be in everything they do.
What People Are Saying...
Ron Smelter, Married, 54 years old, Rehabilitation Manager, Pakenham
"I lost 23kg in weight (22% weight loss), reduced body fat by 12.9% & lost a total of 80cm off my chest, waist, hips & thighs. I have now learned the nutritional tools to carry me through life. I feel amazing!"

Kez Shiels, 25 years old, Payroll Officer, Pakenham
"I lost 20kg in weight (24% weight loss), reduced body fat by 19.5% & lost a total of 92cm off my chest, waist, hips & thighs. I feel fantastic. I am proud to have gotten to where I am and can now fit into the clothes I've always wanted...it's awesome!!"
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